In pursuing their mission of service for medically underserved populations in provider shortage areas, independent rural health clinics (RHCs) face unique challenges. Typical billing software programs require substantial data entry, which can lead to a high rate of errors, and don’t address the specific billing and reporting needs of physician-owned RHCs. That’s precisely why MicroMD PM now offers a range of features and functions that can help RHCs serve their communities.

Split Procedure Posting
Automatically split encounters based on procedures; create claims with the correct format and submit them to the correct carriers; eliminate the need for staff members to learn which procedures to post to which carriers.

Encounter Rate Posting
Use automatic adjustment codes when posting payments that vary from standard Medicare charge amounts; ensure that Rural Medicare payments are accurate while expediting the process of payment posting, including allowed, write-off and payment amounts.

Generate paperless reports to track visit volumes and productivity by procedure or provider; to support auditing, use drill-down reporting to show patient visit totals by procedure group.

UB-04 Bundling Logic
Send Rural Medicare claims in UB-04 format to your regional RHC carrier, with itemized procedures bundled into a single line item with one UB revenue code.

Sliding Fee Calculation
With this optional module, simplify the process of managing sliding fee schedules, calculating base poverty levels, and defining default write-off codes; let MicroMD PM guide you through the process of creating multiple fee levels and minimum payment requirements linked to different insurance plans.