MicroMD PM interfaces with a range of third-party services and integrates with a variety of complementary technologies to expand its usefulness.

As part of Henry Schein Medical Systems’ open-architecture philosophy, MicroMD PM supports the HL7 standard; Internet protocols; the XML specification, a published application programming interface for Windows®; and other techniques.

The MicroMD PM database is ODBC-compliant, and applications such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and other third-party tools can easily interface to the database for custom queries and reporting. The data within the application can also be exported to spreadsheets, databases, HTML, CSV and a range of additional formats.

EMR Systems
MicroMD PM provides demographic, patient insurance scheduling data and referrals to MicroMD EMR, and accepts charges and appointment requests from MicroMD EMR.

Document Management Systems
MicroMD PM unifies with MicroMD DMS, our document management system, to provide electronic document filing, annotation, customized templates, configurable document display settings and more.

Appointment Reminder Systems
MicroMD PM supports automated patient reminder systems to enhance productivity and minimize no-shows. Appointment schedules from MicroMD PM can be exported by the user and imported into the telephony application. MicroMD PM interfaces with JulySoft, Phone Tree and TeleVox Software to name a few.

Henry Schein Medical Systems has partnered with several clearinghouses such as ENS, Practice Insight, Electronic Commerce Processing and Emdeon. These partnerships allow us to offer several different options and pricing schedules so that you can choose the right one for your practice.

Henry Schein Medical Systems has partnered with hundreds of direct payers nationwide—including most Medicare, Medicaid and Blues—for direct EDI connections for primary claims, secondary claims and remittance processing.

MicroMD PM interfaces with the leading providers of laboratory services such as: Laboratory Corporation of America, Quest Diagnostics, Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems, Inc, 4Medica and Schulyer House. Simple demographic exports, test results viewing and other features are integrated within MicroMD PM.

Data Management and Custom Development
MicroMD PM includes interfaces to hospitals and services—such as custom reports, utilities, AnyReport and Report Writing tools—through Micro-Office Systems. MicroMD PM also provides advanced reporting, integration, management and analysis features through integration with powerful decision support and data management technologies such as BridgeIt.

MicroMD PM provides patient-friendly billing solutions and efficient next day delivery, as well as accurate, easy-to-understand paper statements, online bill payment and other features, through companies like eTactics and Emdeon ExpressBill Services.

Collection Agencies
With MicroMD PM, you have the ability to export account and financial information for processing by several collection agencies.

Remote Scanning
MicroMD PM uses virtual channels as a bi-directional, error-free connection for the exchange of image files between a Microsoft Server and a Windows Remote Client.

Hospital Systems
MicroMD PM provides custom interfaces to import patient and charge data from hospital systems.

MicroMD PM recognizes that sensitive medical information needs to be treated with extra care. It utilizes the latest Web and networking security standards such as SSL and VPN.