MicroMD® EMR: A Comprehensive and Flexible Solution
Solo practices, large groups and health centers rely on the MicroMD EMR to create a paperless environment, improve workflow, enhance care delivery and boost productivity.

Advancing Patient Care
MicroMD EMR delivers exceptional flexibility for streamlined clinical documentation. Whatever your specialty, MicroMD EMR’s clinical decision support and management capabilities will assist you in providing complete and appropriate care to your patients.

Supporting Your Practice
Immediate, shared access to patient data minimizes paperwork and maximizes productivity. MicroMD EMR integrates with your practice management system to expedite care, enhance accuracy and improve reimbursement. As either client-server or Web-based ASP software, MicroMD EMR is a scalable and flexible solution that allows:

Clinical Documentation: Choose the method that works for you
• Multiple charting options: templates, forms, speech recognition and handwriting recognition
• Fast access to patient histories
• Obtain and store patient signatures electronically

E&M Coding: Claim full reimbursement with confidence
• A comprehensive, accurate E&M calculator

Health Maintenance, Alerts and Reminders: Promote healthy outcomes
• Drug interactions, allergies, immunizations and more
• Patient education and patient goal monitoring

e-Prescribing: Improve medication safety, enhance workflow and save time
• Two-way pharmacy communications
• Enhanced medication reconciliation

Clinical Dashboard: View your patient’s most pertinent data at once
• Graphical views of clinical data

Image Management and Annotation: Save pictures, clinical images and anatomical diagrams
• Mark up images and diagrams

Task Management: Manage your workload on your own terms
• Remote access to messages, lab results, requests and more

Specialty-Driven Templates: Customize your EMR with ease
• Convenient customization without relying on your IT staff

Physician Order Tracking: Have confidence in patient compliance
• Monitor order statuses in detail

Outcomes Reporting: Apply flexible intelligence to your practice
• Pay-for-performance reporting
• Disease management reporting

Device Connectivity: See clinical data from medical devices in real time
• Direct data acquisition from diagnostic and monitoring equipment

Systems Integration and Interoperability: Explore a range of features and benefits
• Open-architecture design
• Bi-directional lab connectivity