Best Practices

best practicesBest Practices and Vast Experience for All Medical Specialties

With over 50 years of medical coding and billing experience, AMRS already knows how to code, bill and, above all, fight for your payments for your specialty! All provider coding and charges are scrubbed/reviewed for maximum revenue capture, modifier usage and bundling for clean claims submission and timely payments! All EOB’s are reviewed to ensure maximum reimbursement – no claim is too small! You deserve to be paid for your hard work and increasing risk – we fight for your every penny! Our team of experts will work with you on an ongoing basis to improve revenue, cash flow and overall practice profitability!

  • AMRS gets claims paid in an average of 21 days, resulting in faster payments for our clients!
  • AMRS has a 95.3% clean claims submission rate on first pass, resulting in stable and predictable cash flow for our clients!
  • AMRS collects 96.8% of total billed revenue, resulting in maximum profitability for our clients!
  • AMRS bills for ALL services provided – AMRS diligently monitors and tracks appointment schedules so there are no missed charges (and missed revenue)!
  • AMRS scrubs, posts and gets charges out the door within 72 hours of the date of service!
  • AMRS adheres to strict A/R and claims follow up protocols and processes to ensure our clients are paid for their hard work!
  • Automatic, real-time patient eligibility and benefit verifications – verify insurance eligibility of scheduled patients prior to their appointment and prior to claims submission to help reduce rejected claims and denials!