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Smart Business: It’s All About The Numbers

Our team is all about the code. Billing correctly and collecting effectively is what makes our team great and your company profitable. Get to know our numbers.

With over 50 years of coding and billing experience, AMRS already knows how to bill and, above all, fight for your payments in a timely fashion! AMRS’ medical billing services will increase your current revenue by 10% or more.  More importantly, AMRS works hard to increase your cash flow so your practice does not experience volatile ups and downs.
Average Collection Days
Clean Claims Submission Rate
Total Average Collection Percentage

How Our Numbers Stack Up



AMRS with over 50 years of experience, and our leadership team with even more, AMRS is the benchmark for industry knowledge.



Over the years we have been very fortunate to encourage our customers to speak for us. This is what holds us to the highest standards.



The commitment to the healthcare community and those who serve it, requires the highest level of accountability and a stern code of ethics.



Time and time again, when our customers recommend us to their peers and their unwavering commitment to years of service is our proof.

Free First Consultation

Allow us to quickly, professionally and confidently assess your practices’ revenue cycle. By the numbers, we will be able to show where and how we can help.

Drop us an email and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your business and see how our company can help you. We are committed to success by the numbers. If our comparison with your numbers makes sense… then the proof is in the numbers.